Friday, 17 March 2017

InterRail: The Final Route

After a lot of discussion and thought, we have decided on a FINAL route!
Oh the dreams we had of going to ever country on our list, but in all honesty, our first initial thought was very ambitious and don't get me wrong, some people may have already done it but we wanted to be more realistic and practical with our time frame and our personal preferences.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Berlin, Germany
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Prague, Czech Republic
Image result for Prague

Vienna, Austria
Image result for Vienna

Budapest, Hungary
Image result for Budapest

Zagreb, Croatia
Image result for Zagreb

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Zurich & Bern, Switzerland
Image result for Zurich

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Image result for Luxembourg

Brussels, Belgium
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We are actually starting our official inter-rail travels in Amsterdam, as we are flying to Amsterdam from London to save a travel day and so we were able to add another country to our list!

As you can tell from the pictured route above, you may be able to tell the pattern that we were aiming for, to go around in a smooth(ish) circle, so we're not going back and forth or back on ourselves, which would result in wasting time and our energy.

With the amount of countries, number of travel dates and the overall travel days, we have concluded that we would be staying in each country 3/4 days each, and no journey between each country is longer than 8 hours.

We are hoping to organise all night trains, so of course the 8 hours would be sleeping time and that of course cuts down the price of accommodation!

We'd love for you to follow our journey, make sure to come back for future posts: 
The Saving, The Details, The Accommodation,
The Reservations, The Packing etc.

Have you been to any of these countries? Or been inter-railing? Share your tips or send us your posts! We'd love to know/read!



  1. Oh my god i Love the idea of this! So jealous a lot of them places are on my list!! Xx

  2. This is so exciting! I'm loving seeing all your plans coming together! It seems like you've thought out your route really well, with no doubling back or horrendously long journey times! I'm especially intrigued to hear more about Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, as I don't know many people who have visited those parts of Europe!

    Abbey 💕

  3. This looks and sounds so incredible. I am finishing university in a few months and travelling has been on my mind a lot! I have been to Amsterdam, it is amazing, such a beautiful city, you'll love it. And my friend has been to Budapest and she really wants to go again and get me and a mate to go with her.
    Have fun with your travels, great post!
    Lois x

  4. This trop sounds fantastic! I am so jealous! I wish I could go on a train trip like that! And all the cities looks fabulous! I really want to go to Amsterdam, Zagreb and Budapest. I'd like to go everywhere actually! xx Corinne

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  6. That's incredible. I'm planning a trip around Europe for this summer, so I believe your impressions would help me to learn more about cities, where I haven't been.

    Did you use google to make this tags with city names and numbers in order?

  7. Your route is sooo similar to mine and Josh's! We are hoping to go next summer but instead of interail, just drive the route with a caravan. Can't wait to follow your guys adventure!

    Jess - xx

  8. Such a lovely itinerary! So many important cities but also nice to see some lesser known cities on here too :) sad to see you cut out Poland but I guess it had to be done, there are just too many amazing places in Europe! I'm off to one of the places on here fairly soon too, Luxembourg in April. I'll link you guys my blog post once I've been and try to send over some recommendations! Happy planning! xx

  9. I have loved watching this trip come together! The only place on this list I've been to in Amsterdam. It was great, but I only had two days there. My favorite part was visiting the red light district. I was fifteen so I'm actually surprised my mom took me there! This trip is going to be amazing for you two ♥️

    Breanna Catharina

  10. This route includes so many of my favorite cities! You'll love Ljubljana, it's a really nice place. Besides, it's a really small country, so you can see loads of it if you do a day trip. Or you could add another country by doing a day trip to Italy from Ljubljana.
    I hope you enjoy your stay in Amsterdam! It always makes me happy to see bloggers visiting my country :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  11. I've always wanted to go interacting but I never knew what route would be easiest: yours look amazing and I can't wait to see your journey!

  12. Ahhhh what an amazing trip youve picked some great places! I loved Croatia and got a train through Switzerland and it was so pretty. Belgium is amazing and you must head to The Delirium for the largest selection of beers and Maison Dandoy for waffles. I wrote a post on an Amsterdam hotel that I can reccomend - . You sre going to have an amazing time x
    Lola Mia /

  13. You've picked great places �� I've been to a few of them and there amazing

  14. This is just *incredible*! I am actually in awe that anyone could do this, it sounds like's is going to be absolutely amazing!
    Cora x

  15. Love it! I had a similar thought like you guys, on doing a journey with the partner in a couple of years going around Europe, can't wait to read about your experiences! Definitely looking forward to the posts, and photographs! Honestly, you got me feeling hungry for travelling!


  16. AMAZING! Literally all of those countries are on my list of places I want to visit.
    Have an amazing time (:



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