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Travel Tips: Plan A Holiday

Please note: this have previously been on our other blog, but since it's travel related, we wanted to re-post it here!

Last year, we had taken a week holiday to Marrakesh and we thought we'd share our process of how we come to booking our holiday experiences and what influences our ideas, etc.


If you do not begin your travels with a paperchase travel notebook, you're already doing it wrong - haha of course I'm joking, it doesn't have to be paperchase ;) but it you're a serious organised freak or if you want to become one - it is essential to have one!
Where else are you meant to contain all your fabulous ideas? I don't know about you, but I like to work with visuals, I need to see my plan on paper.


This is probably something you have already thought of, hence the planning of booking it - but the reason why I mention this is because in the beginning of planning, we were adamant that we were going to Venice and that was final. Who wouldn't want to go to Venice, eat all their pasta and take a romantic boat ride along the canal - It was a set plan, but once we saw all these deals and hotels, it all changed.

To be honest, all we knew was that we wanted to go somewhere hot and different and different is what we went for - James has never left Europe before (no puns intended) so we were sold on going to Morocco.


There is nothing worse than wanting to find the perfect cheap holiday with all these different unknown websites we've never heard of and probably shouldn't trust.

Here is the one we've used ourselves and can vouch that they worked for us - we have researched and read reviews about the sites we've never heard of and asked around - so far no problems, so it's all good!


The thing that we love most about using this website, as not all do, gave us payment options to put a deposit down now and pay the rest at the end of each month before you set off, which of course was great due to James just starting his new job and all!


Honestly, the Godsend of all apps out there! Holiday, no holiday - Tripadvisor has always been our go-to adviser, you can't deny that having about 2843 people tell you it's amazing, you can't really go wrong with that. Of course we can't always be sure and it's obviously still based on how a person is - but you know, that's as much opinion you're going to get, unless you actually know someone you trust who has already been.


Well, duh, this is what we are doing right? Yes, but I mean activities - if you're not one to book in advance and like to go with the flow, then don't you worry about this part - when it comes to holidays, I like to do a bit of both. I like to do plan for some days and book some things already, as well as just searching and going with how the day takes us - sunbathing is the main priority to be honest and that doesn't really take much planning.


As well as doing research of planning your days with activities, with somewhere like Morocco, it's always best to search about their laws and their ways of doing things, as such.

E.g. Their money is a closed currency, therefore you will not be able to exchange your money back to pounds


Hope you've been using our step number 1, using that bad boy to be writing all these tips down.

Remember this is just how we do things and to be honest I just wrote this post out of pure excitement of going on holiday this year! Let us know how you book your holidays or where your next holiday destination is in the comments below.

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  1. This blog post is really gonna help me in the months to come. Although I have been married for a few years now, I'm planning my honeymoon with my husband for next July so I will be sure to save this blog post and come back to it over and over again for the tips and tricks you have learnt me - thank you! πŸŒΈπŸ’—✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  2. Any excuse to buy a new notebook is a good one in my opinion hehe! The Love Holidays website sounds fantastic by allowing you to spread out your payments, I will definitely keep that in mind for future travels! I totally agree about having a mix of planned days and go-with-the-flow days on holiday, it's nice to know you have the really important things booked in, but it's great to have more relaxed times where you can choose to just hang out at the hotel, or go exploring if that's where the mood takes you! Fab post!

    Abbey πŸ‘πŸΌ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. Did you say Paperchase? Spreading out your payments sounds amazing, and absolutely perfect in your situation as you say. I do quite enjoy planning time on holiday to a certain extent, and book tickets in advance for a tourist attraction if it can save money, but I do like freestyling too, for instance having dinner wherever we find that day that looks nice.

  4. Love the notebook! Paper chase is my ultimate fav!
    I love this post, it's definitely given me some tips for the next holiday I plan. Trip advisor is my go-to, I 100% agree with what you said about it.
    I'm a massive planner but I'm trying to be more spontaneous at the moment, but if I go back to my old ways I'll be sure to grab a notebook and plan out every detail!
    Hayley X

  5. Great tips! I realllly want to go on holiday - I haven't been on a proper holiday for about 4 years. I'll definitely be using your tips when I eventually go somewhere!

  6. Any excuse for me to buy a new notepad sounds good to me - i think I'm addicted to Paperchase!!! Im off to Morocco soon and have my Moleskine notepad at the ready to capture all my thoughts and experiences!! Im guessing you guys will need to purchase one or two notebooks with your fabulous trip coming up soon!!!


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