Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Interrail: Italy Route

We have deliberated long and hard about where our Italy Interrail trip will take us. With so many beautiful cities, coastlines and more rural areas we'd love to visit, it was hard whittling it down to something we'd be able to fit in a 2 week time frame. It reminded us about why we decided to miss out Italy on our extensive European travels last summer, but I guess before we've even got to Italy, we're saying we'll have to be back before long.

Flying out of London Stansted, this is the route we will be taking...


Home of the Neapolitan pizza and the only one of our destinations to boast a beach, we're starting our travels furthest south in the country. With it being a short local train ride to Pompei and Sorrento, we're likely to take excursions out towards these wonderful places as well as exploring the city of Naples.

From Naples... 1 Hour, 7 mins...

to... Rome

The trip wouldn't be complete without it, would it? With a food tour and queue jump tickets to the Colosseum already booked, our time is likely to be jam packed. With so much beautiful architecture and world renowned landmarks, we'll be relying on Jessica's previous trip here to guide us around and see as much as possible.

From Rome... 1 hour, 16 mins

to... Florence

Onwards to Florence, where again it will be all about the wonderful architecture, Renaissance art and sculptures. The Ponte Vecchio bridge and Duomo Cathedral will surely steel the Instagram limelight, but we simply can't wait for the famous Tuscan cuisine and wine offering to make a lasting impression on our taste buds. From here, we'll be taking a short day trip to Pisa and we all know what we're going there for!

From Pisa... 2 hours, 56 mins

to... Venice

We cannot wait for Venice - it has been on our bucket list since the start of our relationship! Cruising along the canals will give us that much needed balance from the bustling city that is again full of beauty and fame.

From Venice... 2 hours, 23 mins

to... Milan

And finally, we'll be heading to Milan. Famous for design, fashion and creativity, its class and sophistication will be the perfect way to end our trip.

From there, we'll be flying back to London, ready to write, edit and compile all of our blog and vlog content for you! Check back soon for a final update before we go, along with our packing tips and tricks if you yourselves fancy making a similar trip to this.

All photos are courtesy of Lonely Planet

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  1. Seeing your trip come together is SERIOUSLY exciting! It sounds like you have indeed achieved the ideal mix of cities, coastlines, culture, history and scenery in your selection of places to visit - it is my shame as an archaeologist that I've never properly looked around Rome, although I've flown into and out from the airport many times! I *will* go one year! I'll be in Sorrento for a week next month and I can't wait, get me in that Italian sunshine! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

    Abbey xx

    1. We are SO EXCITED! Can't read to all about your adventures too! I've been to Rome once and loved it and I can't wait to share it with James - you should defo go back and return!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💕

  2. Love this post guys! Makes me want to book a trip like this for me and my bf! Do you have a post on how to organise a trip like this?

    1. You should definitely plan a trip like this with your boyfriend - you just can't go wrong! Yes we do, you should be able to find it before this post or in the 'Interrail' tab in the menu.

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💕

  3. This all sounds so amazing. Italy is on my travel bucket list because everything about the place is beautiful. I really look forward to reading more posts about your journey. I'd never considered interrailing but if it's a cheaper option than everything else then I'd definitely consider booking a trip around Italy this way. Hope you're having a fantastic time! Great post.

    Luce xo

    1. Interrrailing is such a great way to see Italy and Europe in fact! We'd highly recommend it for sure!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💕


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