Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Interrail: Packing For Two Weeks in Italy

Two weeks tomorrow, we will be heading to Italy! Interrailing throughout the beautiful cities for two whole weeks together. You do not understand the excitement I am trying to contain right now!!

If you've followed our Interrail journey last year and saw The Backpack Packing post, you'd know I am an organised freak! So as you can imagine, although this post is going 2 weeks before our trip, I've packed at least a month ago already ;)

The Bag:

For the amount of time we're travelling this time, I personally am planning to bring along a smaller backpack, one that could be passed for hand luggage, while James will be using the original bag we had from last time. The bag I am originally using was a backpack I purchased for my weekends away in Sheffield, I didn't think it would be possible to do but I may already have tested my theory. I am honestly relived to know I'll be having a lighter bag on my bag for this trip!

The Outfits:

 From last year's experience, I learnt from my mistakes and have learnt to limit my packing even more than last time. As we are only going for 2 weeks, I am aiming to bring 7 outfits, to wear twice during the time - I had purchased a few new items over the last few months in preparation for this and I cannot wait to post those typical Italy photos on Instagram! So one full packing square is all I need, along with a small one with socks and underwear and an extra pair of shoes/flip flops.

The Details:

As for my wash bag you may ask? As mentioned I am hoping to pass my bag as hand luggage, 1. to save money from baggage fees, 2. because summer clothes is less fabric and lighter to carry, so with James using the original bag, he'll have enough space for his stuff and more (meaning my items)

Follow our journey from the beginning and read our Italy Trip Planning and have a little nosey with which cities we will be visiting and a brief of what we're planning to do on or Italy Route. If you're interested in seeing our packing video from last year for packing for a month, you can find it before this post.

Planning on Travelling on a Interrail Pass? Do you have any tips on short trip packing?
Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I'm definitely not the best at packing light haha! I have come away to Edinburgh for four days with a mini suitcase and a rucksack but in my defence, I have had to bring along my laptop and big camera bag (for the essential photos of the city!) so I'm hoping I can be excused! Jessica's small bag sounds like a winner, I'm sure James won't mind carrying a few extras at all hehe ;-) I can't wait for you guys to head off and to hear about all of your exploration! It's making me so excited for my own Italy trip at the end of next month!

    Abbey xx

    1. I think I've learnt so much for our last trip and I am not down for dragging such a big bag around with me this time around, but you do have a valid point - you gotta bring all the shots! And hey, that's what James is for haha

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💕

  2. I love this! Like Abbey, I’m not great at packing lightly, but I do try! I can’t wait for your Italy content.
    Hayley X

    1. We've defo learnt from our last trip - when you know you have to carry it around a lot, you feel like it's the best way to go and it truly is!

      Thank you for reading and commenting☺️💕


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